About the project

Our ambitious comic project started in Summer 2013 with Daniel’s simple idea to create a world which combines the themes and motives of German Romanticism with unique Sci-Fi visions. This first spark grew to a story. And the more it developed the more personal it became.

The world of WANDERER formed out of these questions: What if humanity finds out that it actually descends from the ancient gods? And what if not all carry this divine gene? WANDERER is about people who never got to know what it means to have a home. In this futuristic vision of an alternative world they wander through the lands – fighting against the cruelty of nature and men. 

Our main character Samara shares the fate of the Wanderers striding through the cities and lands of the Heirs to the Gods. Without rights, without home – but free. One day she has to witness a brutal murder of a companion.
This happening conjures ghosts of her past and starts a quest for freedom, power and the longing for love.

In autumn 2013 3D Artist Mario Anger joined Daniel and thus the visual development began. It didn’t take long and we were three: finally illustrator Salena Barnes made us complete!

This website is hosted mainly in German language as we will publish in German speaking countries at first. But as we plan to make our comic also available in English, dear comic reader from abroad, stay tuned :)